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S40: aerodynamic and contemporary advertising pen, 100% Made in Italy, with the unmistakable Stilolinea design.

The S40 promotional pen was born from the creative and experienced hand of Enrico Fumia, in the occasion of the Stilolinea 40th anniversary.

Wide customization space and convenience: the must-have of this model.

The ballpoint pen S40 is a perfect balance between Italian shape and technique to meet a market requiring quality, competitive price and attractive and modern design.


The promotional pen S40 alternates polished and matt surfaces, embellished by an aerodynamic clip and has excellent sizes to enhance the reproduction of logos and trademarks.

The spacer, looking like a screw, lets us to play with colors, creating perfect combinations and provides a pleasant movement created by a series of overlapped rings.

The S40 Grip Clear version with transparent grip is flanked by the one with solid grip.

In these versions the pleasant feeling of the writing smoothness is further enhanced by the softness of the rubber grip.


The customer can choose among 6 different fresh and young versions: S40, S40 Extra, S40 Color, S40 Grip Clear, S40 Grip and S40 Grip All Black.

The last two versions are the novelties of 2017:  the colorful rubber grip of the S40 Grip winks at all those companies seeking an exciting and appealing promotion, while the Total Black of the S40 Grip All Black continues to be a way of communication chosen by many customers.


A clear goal from the beginning: a pen that reflects the new Stilolinea design, geared towards essential, clean and simple shapes with the price positioned in the cheap level.

S40 is the FIRST PRICE of Stilolinea grip pens.

"If a promotional pen is not perfectly made, even in the price, how can it live up to its promotion?"